A new and innovative children’s educational physical fitness curriculum that addresses childhood obesity.

bSAFE bFIT! Program for Kids uses multiple learning strategies that stress the importance of teaching both physical activity and nutrition within the same curriculum.

The program’s use of visual food characters illustrating physical activity (addressing two concepts with one character) that stimulates children into active learning is what sets bSAFE bFIT! Program for kids apart from other available programs.  The program is made FUN to keep kids moving while learning.

bSAFE bFIT! targets children at an early age (2 through 12) to guide them in the development of healthy habits and lifestyle choices before unhealthy habits are formed.

The program teaches five health-related physical fitness components: body composition, strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, and endurance.  Includes five 18″ x 24″ fitness pal posters; 288-page manual with 34 lesson plans for ages 2-4, 38 lesson plans for ages K-7, 38 lesson plans fro ages 8-12; fitness pal activity cards featuring 55 fitness pals (names the food group and physical fitness component to which the fitness pal belongs, and has a written description of the physical activity); Move n’ with Fitness Pals CD with ten songs that coordinate an exercise routine to music; and a bSAFE bFIT!

Instructor DVD.  Grades PreK-6.
Just 5 to 10 minutes! Parents; Classroom, physical education, health, science teachers; administrators, School nurses, coaches, counselors, and others can impact children’s wellness for a lifetime!

Instructors/Teachers:  An all-in-one educational fitness program with learning strategies which stress the importance of teaching both physical activity and nutrition education within the same curriculum.

Parents:  An education fitness program you can use at home!
Administrators:  Your complete turn-key solution and a perfect fit to meet your school wellness policy or other policy requirements!

bSAFE bFIT! Combo Kit (includes plans for ages 2-4; K-7 and ages 8-12)

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