The Ringmaster

Introducing a new and amazing invasion game called The Ringmaster™!

If your kids love Ultimate Frisbee, Tchoukball, Team Hand ball, or similar invasion games, then they will be blown away by The Ringmaster™!  Ringmaster is a fast action, non-contact, high cardio game involving risk, reward, offense and a lot of fun!

The Ringmaster™ is designed to be played on a large area such as a soccer field.  Ideal for classes of 18-24. as game can easily accommodate 9 v 9, up to 12 v 12. For smaller groups, modifications can be made as pointed out on game sheet.  The Ringmaster™ will come complete with one, 15″ rope ring, and 8 Ringmaster™ sticks, 4 red, and 4 blue.  “As an award winning PE professional for 23 years, I designed this game to be unique, but not overly complicated. This game is loved by both the students at my elementary school, and by the kids at the day camp where I am the Athletic Director.  The Senior campers voted to play this game in their Sports League Championship! Ideal for ages 4th-High School!  If you want to spice up your PE program, you must introduce The Ringmaster™.”

(Dan Green…inventor of The Ringmaster™)

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