Rock Challenge Mat

Try “Climbing” on the floor for a great upper body workout

The Rock Floor is used like a rock wall that has fallen down. There are hand and foot spots that the students must negotiate as they move across the mat from left to right. They are all purposely placed in different positions, making the students use a wide variety of muscle groups to complete the crossing. Like the other Power Cross Challenge mats, this mat will challenge all students by putting them in several positions, adding repetitions and working in some plank exercises as well. This mat is also the perfect addition when using a rock wall. While a rock wall works more of the pulling muscles in the upper body, the Rock Floor Challenge works the pushing muscles. When set up and used next to a rock wall, students will be getting an extremely complete workout. Students of all ages will love crossing this mat. An activity guide and progression sheet will describe how to perform all of the variations and the many uses for this mat.

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