Tire Cross Challenge™

The Ultimate Upper Body and Core Trainer!

The Tire Cross Challenge™ offers a unique and highly motivating set of activities designed to work the entire upper body and core. It was designed as a large tire shape with left and right hands marked in opposing colors to show users where to travel around the mat. Students will start at the first pair of hands, marked with an “L” for left and an “R” for right and proceed to work through more than ten different challenges, clearly outlined in the activity guide. Students will start in a push-up position and walk themselves around the tire using the hand positions. Variations of this basic movement are used to create several levels of difficulty that will accommodate the exercise needs of the young student, the highly trained athlete, and everyone in between. Changes in body position, push-ups in between hand movements and plank exercises are just some of the variations used to create a wide variety of movements. A progression sheet is included to lay next to the tire for a quick and easy explanation of the various exercise progressions. One of the best features of the tire design is that is sets up an infinity course. Users can keep going around and around without stopping. It also allows several students to use the trainer at the same time. Students of all ages will be motivated and really enjoy the Tire Cross Challenge™.

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