PE Treasure Hunt™

Adventure that includes many educational and physical disciplines!

“Jog for 7 seconds(10’/second) – Stop – face north”

The PE Treasure Hunt activity package was designed to add some real adventure to team building activities. Students must follow treasure map instructions to find the gold coins. The instructions are different for each hunt and each team. Students will be asked to identify directions, calculate various forms of measurements, perform simple mathematical equations and move as a team. They will be racing against other teams to be the first group to find the gold.


  • Directional starting map
  • Four color coded team ropes
  • Gold coins
  • Teacher maps for 3 hunts
  • Student direction guides for 3 hunts
  • Information and guide sheet
  • Map to develop your own treasure hunt.

*VENDOR should offer a measuring wheel to go with the Treasure Hunt

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