Deluxe Sit-N-Reach Tester

Adjusts To Fit All Test Protocols

This inexpensive Sit and Reach Tester will meet all of your needs in measuring trunk flexibility. While most testers can only be used for specific tests, this tester was designed with an adjustable foot rest to accommodate the starting position of all of the various fitness tests. Set the foot position at 0 inches/ centimeters for some tests, 9″ for some tests, 10″ for another test, 25 cm. for another, or use any starting point you wish to make your own norms. The tester also uses a sliding ring that stays where it was left after the participant pushes it forward, allowing for easy reading of the test score. The measuring strip is numbered in inches and centimeters, side by side, to accommodate tests that measure in inches and those that use centimeters. This unit also breaks down for easy storage. A user guide will explain how to adjust the tester and use it for the various fitness tests

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