A game of strategy that promotes thinking and balancing skills!

Two challenge levels in each game!

Great for ages 8 thru adult! Played indoors or out!

This is not a game of Tug-of-war. TopL’Tug™ requires thinking and strategizing to be successful…. not brute strength. Once you have mastered the game using the square platform to stand and balance on, you may move on to the advanced challenge utilizing the smaller round TopL’Tug™ platform. Simply remove the inner round platform from each square platform. This smaller platform makes balancing skills even more critical and will challenge the more advanced players. You may also have an advanced player fairly compete with a novice opponent by having the advanced player stand on the smaller round platform and the novice on the larger square platform. The game is played as each opponent starts reeling in rope in an effort to have as much rope as possible to skillfully tug and give to force their opponent to step off of the platform which determines the winner of the game.

Complete game includes 2 square platforms with removable round inner platforms, soft cotton rope and instructions.


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