Watch the man run from one end to the other in the Running Man™ Team Race!

Who can roll up the cord to reach the Running Man™ first? Or, with your six colored set, you can do the team challenge involving up to 24 players with 6 or more teams that make the man race against each other. And when you’re done you will really feel the workout in your wrist, forearm and other muscles. Great training for baseball, gymnastics, crew, tennis and many other sports.

The Running Man™ is a fun way to exercise the wrists and forearms while integrating cooperation and teamwork. Player must communicate and work together to make the man run. The Running Man™ set includes 6 sets of the Running Man™ with each set in a different color of red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple. With the six color set you may involve up to 24 players. There are three exciting ways to play….. one on one, two on two or team on team.

Instruction and activity guide included.

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