Falling Sticks Challenge

Students will work together and love it!

Falling Sticks Challenge is a game that has no known origins, but has probably been played in some form or another throughout history.

Students of all ages will find these activities exciting, fun and challenging. This version was developed by a physical educator to serve as a station activity for 2-8 students per set. The goal of these activities is to build partner teamwork, quickness, agility and overall fitness. The cornerstone game, called Partner Catch, starts with 2 students, each holding one stick in a vertical position with one end on the floor. They start about 6’ apart. On “GO”, each student carefully releases their stick and runs to catch the other students stick before it hits the floor. If each student is successful, they take one step farther apart (or use pre marked tape lines) and try again. If one student drops their stick, they must stay at that distance until successful. Partners continue to start farther away until they can no longer make the catch. An activity guide describes this game and other exciting partner/ group activities that can also be used with this set.

Each set consists of two 6’ long sticks, made from sturdy PVC. Each stick has rubber safety caps at each end and 3 foam donuts attached to keep the sticks from slapping the floor.

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