Universal Collar

Hang almost anything from any pole!

The Universal Collar was designed to hang nets, hoops, tether balls, ropes, signs, scoreboards, or any other piece of equipment from any game standard, pole, or even a small tree. The hangers can attach to any pole with a diameter of 1 ½”- 6”. When pulled tight the rubber sides of the hanger grab on tight and cannot be moved. The hangers are constructed from industrial strength materials and can handle the toughest of jobs.

The large D Ring can handle snap clips, large diameter rope, or any other connector part. The hangers can also be attached to horizontal bars or apparatus.

So, hang your tetherball on an outside basketball pole, hang your volleyball net from just about anywhere, or clip any sign or scoreboard to your Universal Collar. This clever connector makes all of your equipment a little more productive and motivates students to try some exciting new activities.

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