Dragon Feet Jumpers™

Soft, Safe and Motivating!

Dragon Feet Jumpers™ offer students a safe, fun way to bounce around the gym. Their design enables students to hold on to the Dragon Feet with their ankles and hop or jump in any direction. The thick, stable foam base, cushions each jump making them easy on young students` joints. They measure 16” long by 15” wide. These jumpers do not use springs or balls that raise the students` center of gravity. The jumper stays close to the ground where there is less chance of falling, making them the safest jumping product on the market. These jumpers also provide a great workout, developing balance, stability and power.

The Dragon Feet Jumpers™ come with an activity guide explaining some of the basic games and activities possible with these wacky feet.

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Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, 6 pack


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