Bump Sticks

The Ultimate Hand/Eye Coordination Activity

Bumper Sticks were designed to give students a fun and exciting tool to work on hand/eye coordination skills. When using the Bumper Sticks, students are forced to use extreme concentration. This training has a direct carryover to all racquet and batting activities. Each set consists of six mini foam bats and six 4″ diameter foam balls. Students will practice bumping a ball up in the air in a variety of ways. Most of the activities will have students bumping the ball up and down as many times as possible, sometimes individually, and sometimes with a partner. Students are highly motivated to work hard and improve their skills with these activities. The included activity guide will describe the various Bumper Sticks drills.

Excerpt from the Activity Guide

Small Circle Drill

Make a small circle with 3 or more students. Using only one ball, try to keep the ball in the air for as many bumps as possible with all students in the group working together.

Bumper Stick Competition

In groups of 2-6 students, have some friendly competition and see who can get the most bumps after someone says “GO”. Another way to compete is to just see who can keep the ball bumping the longest without letting it hit the ground. Have students sit down, or back away after they are out and give the remaining students room to finish, until only one student is left.

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